Free Initial Consultation


How do I begin?

Congratulations on your engagement! You have met the love of your life and now you need a dress...Where do you start? 

The first thing I tell brides is to go try on dresses. Some brides love it, some brides hate it, either way it is the best way to discover your likes and dislikes. Trying on dresses teaches you about wearing a wedding dress. You learn about fit, silhouette, fabrics, accessories, trains, necklines, details in the front verses the back, walking in a dress, sitting in a dress...more than you ever imagined! Most of all you learn what you like on your body compared to what you thought you liked. This part is the most valuable for brides when they are thinking about their design. 

Once you have tried on dresses and thought more about your design or if you do not need to try on dresses because you are 100% sure of your design the next step is to make an appointment.


Make an appointment.



Schedule an initial free appointment  and we will discuss your dress ideas. Bring any and all visuals you can gather. When I talk to brides I want to make sure we are speaking the same language as much as possible and visuals always aid the discussion. We will discuss your ideas, the timeline, fabrics, and any other questions you might have. After our free initial meeting, I can give you an estimate of the cost and timeline for your dress design. From there we write up a contract, agree on dates for fittings, and schedule the final delivery. 


Why have a dress custom made?


Having a custom made wedding dress means your dress is completely yours. It means the fit is custom and you can see your design idea come to life throughout your fittings. It means you are in control of all the details. Best of all it means when you tell the story of your dress or answer the question about where you 'got it', you can smile and with pride answer that you designed it and had it custom made.  

I have spent years working with clients and guiding them through the design process. You do not need to be an expert with fabric or wedding dress 'lingo', you simply need to have a vision and I will help you bring it to life. Sometimes I have brides who give me a picture and state "This is what I want." Or other brides who bring up their entire Pinterest board with every idea they have ever liked. 



When brides think about their wedding dress the cost is always either in the back of their mind or the first thing to consider. The questions always comes up and I try to explain to brides that I cannot give a quote until after I have met with you and talked in depth about your design idea. 

There is a price for the construction of the dress and another price for the fabric. The bride has control over the cost of the fabric based on the type of fabric chosen. For example; silk costs more than polyester. 8 yards of silk compared to 8 yards of polyester changes the price of a dress significantly. I work with brides to help them chose the correct fabric for their vision and for their budget. The cost for me to start a dress from design idea to final gown starts at $1000. Again this is the cost of constructing the dress. The cost of fabric is not included, this cost varies based on the decision of the bride. 

To begin your dress design, I require a 50% deposit (of the final quoted cost) with the remainder due upon delivery of the dress. 

If you are looking to redesign a dress you have or are going to purchase, we will need to meet for your free consultation and quote. 


Alteration costs

Alteration costs vary based on the design and details of the original dress and need to be discussed in person. Details such as beading, gathering, and lace can increase the price.  

Some basic alteration costs of Wedding Dresses:

Hems start at $150-$300

Bodice starts at $100-$250

Details such as straps or bustles $100-$200


Some basic costs of Bridesmaids Dresses:

Hems start at $90

Bodice starts at $75-$200

Details such as straps or sleeves $75-$150



A wedding gown requires at least 4 months notice to complete the dress from idea to final gown. However, dresses can be rushed for a fee.   

A 'redesign' (significantly altering a gown you have purchased) needs at least 2 months with possibly more time depending on the amount of changes. 

Alterations can be done on a few days notice, again depending on the amount of work needed to be altered.